Who can give evidence of Karl Christian Hoffmann
The brothers and sisters have offered a reward of - 5,000 euros

Karl - Christian Hoffmann

das bleibt stehen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Born on 01/19/1956 in Lichtenfels, Germany and grew up in Essen Bergeborbeck

 Karl Christian Hoffmann .....................................................................................................

Our brother has been missing for about 1983, his brothers and sisters, no clue who since then his whereabouts . Since we all are a bit dated, the spoon must leave soon, this call is the last attempt in finding.

To the person:

  • Born in Lichtenfels, eye grow in food, Bergeborbeck, Haus-Berge-Strasse 179, in the same school district (home-mountain school, Bergmühle School)
  • Resident in various areas of food: Frintrop, Kray Steele and Others. Resident in Gelsenkirchen
  • Military Time in Rotenburg? (Wümme)
  • Training as a car mechanic in Essen, somewhere between Vogelheimer Street and Altenessener, possibly with Dieter Schikfelder, Laubenhof 9
  • His brothers and sister: Dieter, Wolfgang (✝), Hans-Peter, Waltraud, Manfred (Mani)
  • Hannelore (✝) und Inge
  • Parents: (✝) Hedwig (Liedtke) und Paul
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    • Info`s to this call:
    • We pay 5,000.00 euros to the person, organization or company that can tell us his whereabouts, either in cash or by bank transfer.
    • About notes for earlier whereabouts, work places, residential addresses, vacations, Freu machinations, marriage, car, etc., which lead us on his trail, we would be pleased and reward accordingly.
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    Please contact us at the e-mail address given below.

    Wir suchen Kalle Hoffmann aus Essen

    Kalle and Mani ;-)

    • Mani und Karl Christian aus Essen - Belohnung

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    Kalle from Essen
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    Kalle Hoffmann from Essen